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With the revolution crusade of LIVING BENEFITS, an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)  is the right product that ensures families have a tax-free income that grows utilizing indexing (see the power of indexing graph below) and ensures no losses during downturns. IUL serves as the best life insurance retirement plan (LIRP) where cash is accumulated and grow tax deferred with TAX-FREE income through withdrawals up to cost basis and policy loans for either retirement income or any purpose.


IUL provides tax-free guaranteed income where there is no downturn risk (our IUL has a 0.25% floor), it will only grow as the market appreciates (our clients had a return of 29.9% in 2019 and averaging 16% over the last 10 years. We will help you implement the right structured IUL which will include the following;


  • Retire savings if you live a long time 

  • Living benefits if you get sick

  • Life insurance if you die too soon

  • Critical illness rider included

  • Chronic illness rider included

  • Terminal illness rider included

Living benefit rider allows you to use your money for: medical expenses, college funding, mortgage payments, bucket list etc


                                                   THE POWER OF INDEXING

IULS have the following benefits;

  1. IUL provides interest growth potential through an Index with the power of indexing, the locking in of interest gains and reset.

  2. IUL provides the tax deferral of interest growth with compounding interest

  3. IUL provides the downside protection of the principal and interest with a minimum guarantee.

  4. IUL provides the retirement income to be paid tax free which does not impact taxes on future Social Security benefits

  5. IUL provides the death benefit to be passed down tax free and is paid outside of probate.

  6. IUL provides the liquidity at any time without restrictions and/or tax consequences

  7. IUL provides the flexibility regarding the amount that can be paid

  8. IUL provides tax-advantage Living Benefits for Terminal, Critical and/or Chronic illnesses


Taxes will keep rising: You have a choice to either save your money in the following investments options:-

  • Taxable accounts such as money markets, CDs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds where you invest after-tax dollars. (Every year you receive a 1099 to let Uncle Sam know you have taxable income on the growth. As your investments grow, so does the taxes on the income!)

  • Tax-deferred accounts such as 401K/IRAs, where you invest tax-deferred dollars and pay the taxes on the investment and gains later at retirement age (tax rates are likely to jump in the future)

  • Tax-free accounts such as IUL/Roth IRA where you invest after-tax dollars and pay no tax on the gains/growth.


Where will you save your money? In a  "pay tax now" or "pay tax later" or "pay no tax" account? The choice is yours!!

For retirement income, a No Risk Fixed Indexed Annuities ensure you receive GUARANTEED income for life. Fixed Index Annuity provides downside protection, growth potential or guaranteed income for life.

We are licensed Life agents with the state of Texas and act as independent agents with Freedom Equity Group (FEG) who is pioneering "the Living Benefits" crusade. FEG has partnered with top insurance companies such as AG, Fidelity & Guarantee, American National and National Life Group. We recently partnered with Invita Financial,  an FMO with leads generation.

Contact us to see how we can help you as a client protect your income and enjoy what matters most with no worries of losing money to economic downturns.  


Section 162 Executive Bonus Plans in Simple Terms:

  • A Section 162 Executive Bonus Plan is a way for business owners and companies to provide additional fringe benefits to themselves and key executives of their choice

  • Additional fringe benefits may include a life insurance policy (IUL) that provides a valuable death benefit as well as cash value accumulation that can be used as a retirement income supplement

  • The company can use tax deductible company funds to selectively provide valued benefits to key executives

  • When used effectively, an executive bonus plan can be a valuable tool to attract and retain key executives


Use leverage to accelerate your retirement income using the Kai-Zen 5-Pay strategy:

  • Kai-Zen® is the only strategy that provides you the opportunity to add up to 3 times more money to fund a cash accumulating life insurance policy

  • You use leverage to potentially accumulate more growth & obtain more protection, while providing the ability to maintain your current standard of living. 

  • You get more protection for you and your family.

  • You diversify your assets and build wealth outside Wallstreet.

  • You have the potential to generate 3X more income than self-funding  a cash value life insurance policy.

How to qualify:

  • Must be between ages 18 to 65

  • Be of standard health or better

  • Have annual income of at least $100,000

  • Must be able to make annual contributions for five years

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