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You are not alone. Over 68 million Americans need credit repair. And many others have NO credit history!

Late payments, charge-offs, medical bills, collections, bankruptcies or other negative items on your credit report? No problem. We've been there. We work for you to clean up the mess and get you back on your feet.


We differentiate ourselves by our efficiency, transparency, and fully digital process, which saves you time and money, and gets you results much faster, so you can obtain that dream home or attain that financial goal you've been thinking of, much sooner. We do all the processing on our software which is linked directly to a credit monitoring site to pull reports from all 3 bureaus and is FCRA compliant. WE ARE BONDED AND LICENSED IN THE STATE OF TEXAS.

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Is bad/no credit in your way of obtaining

  • your dream house/apartment

  • a boat

  • a motorcycle

  • a credit card

  • electronics

  • a car

  • a job

  • furniture

  • jewelry

  • anything else?

Don't let it! Bad things happen to good people sometimes. Let mistakes from the past or a bad economic crush like the Corona virus crush hinder you NO MORE! We are here to help you. No judging, no questions asked.

ONLY $99/MONTH plus fee for our external credit monitoring which is synced to our software! Credit repair is free, the $99 covers processing and software fees.


We also have products such as credit cards/loans programs to help you to either build your credit or establish new credit while we clean up your credit file.



Are you having to turn away customers because of their credit? If you are a;

  • bank/banker

  • car dealership

  • credit card company

  • home builder

  • furniture store

  • department store

  • any other who run credit checks

Stop losing business for yourself or to your competitor, stop throwing money down the drain. We are here to help you recapture potential long term clients. 

You can track your referred clients' progress in our secured client portal once they sign up.

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Have you lost commission because your client got denied a loan on;


  • a home

  • a car

  • a place to stay

  • anything that requires credit check

Don't despair any more, let us help you close more sales and get you that commission not only for one purchase, but for your client's future purchases!


Once your clients sign up to get their credit repair, you will be able to track their progress in our secured client portal.



Analyze your credit report


Dispute discrepancies and errors


Obtain desired results in timely manner


Sign up through us for your credit reports & scores, credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.  You get the  following benefits for $26.99/mo;

  • 3 Bureau Credit Report & Scores

  • Enhanced Credit Monitoring

  • Score Change Alerts

  • SSN trace

  • Criminal Records Monitoring

  • File Sharing Networks

  • Dark Web & Internet Monitoring

  • Synthetic ID Theft

  • Change of Address Monitoring

  • IQAlerts with Application Monitoring

  • Credit Score Tracker

  • ID Theft Insurance & Reimbursement - $1m

  • Family Protection

  • Credit Score Simulator

  • Checking Account Report

  • Premium Fraud Restoration

  • Lost Wallet Form & Assistance

  • Opt-out IQ (Junk Mail/Do Not Call List)

  • Discounted Additional Reports & Scores




At Freiheit Financial Solutions, we do not charge for credit repair. That's right! Credit repair itself is free. The only thing you pay is for software and processing which is at a cost of $99/month billed 30 days after sign up and external credit monitoring fee, SIMPLE enough! External credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus is synced with our processing software. Free consultation included! Free inquiries removal included, certain restrictions may apply! Your first payment is billed 30 days after you sign up with us but we start your credit repair right away.

If we don't perform, you are entitled to a refund if you follow all actions we require of you in a plan we give you while your credit is being worked on. Any action contrary to your action plan will void any form of refunds. See cancellation/refund policy below. 


Data we collect on this website such as name, contact information, information pertaining to credit repair and address are solely for the purpose of  providing the relevant services requested and such information is not shared with third parties unless you request us to or we're mandated by law to do so. We respect your privacy as its of importance to us and as such we will not distribute your information to any third parties without your permission.

Our site have links to other external websites, and we are not responsible for their privacy policy should you share your information with them.


Cancellation and Refunds: We provide our services with payments structured on a monthly bases. Clients can cancel 3 days of signing a contract without incurring any charge. After 3 days, cancel anytme with prior notice. Please notify us in advance of any planned cancellations within 3 days of any upcoming recurring payment. The upcoming monthly payment will be the final payment due for services rendered in arrears.   

We shall refund all payments received if you don't see any improvement with your credit report within the first 180 days of signing up for our services. 


We back our services with up to a $1000 money back GUARANTEE if we don't perform and you have followed our action plan given you. Going against our action plan will void any moneyback guarantee. It is our promise to remove negative items PERMANENTLY from your report, meaning once removed, they won't show back up on your credit report.


1. Is credit repair legal?

Credit repair is legal if done the right way. Work should start before any client is charged. 


2. What can you repair on my credit?

We work hard to get the three (3) credit bureaus namely Equifax, Experian and Transunion to remove the following; charge-offs, repossessions, liens, medical bills, foreclosures, bankruptcies, collections, tax liens,  judgments, student loans, credit card debt, and inquiries.

3. How long does it take to repair my credit?

We do a 12 month contract where we constantly dispute negative items on your report to get you the perfect score you need. You should start seeing results after our fist update in 45 days. For optimal results, expect work to be done between 90-180 days. For max results, the 12 months period is expected as we keep disputing with the bureaus while we also focus on other ways to rebuilding your scores by establishing new trade lines.

4. How many points should I expect by scores to increase by?

On average, expect to see between 80 to 100 points depending on duration of work done and following our action plan.

5. How do I track the progress of my credit repair?

All clients have access to their secure portal on our software so that they are able to monitor/track their results and updates at all times.

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