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Client is interested in buying a home so he came to us to get his credit  repaired. We just started working on his file and his score is up a few points. But this is a start, more work to be done to get him to about a 65o score.

Samuel is one of our agents who needed his report worked on. We typically take all our agents through the process of credit repair by either working on their own report or a close relative. That way, they get to understand and see how we do our job with the end goal to provide satisfactory work to our clients. Samuel is up 45 points in only 45 days. More work to be done.

No matter what your scores are to begin repairing, we would work hard to get you the right score you deserve. This client is looking to gain a score of 650+. With the addition of new tradelines by securing cards from our credit card affiliate program, the scores will improve immensely.

One happy client, over 100 points up with Experian in 6 months. Started at 509 score, now 617 score in only 6 months. This is what we do, achieve measurable results!


I was in the process of looking to buy my very first house and was excited about it until I got denied by the mortgage company due to my credit. The loan officer referred me to Freiheit Solutions to help me fix my credit. They have been very helpful and gotten my scores up in 2 months. I'm very satisfied with their professionalism. -Tameka C, Houston, TX-

Colin at Freiheit took his time to explain to me his process of credit disputing and educated me on how to maintain a good credit when I first called him. He has so far been able to delete lots of negative accounts on my report including a child support account. He is the real deal. -Patrick M, New York, NY-

I highly recommend Freiheit Solutions if you are looking to get your credit fixed and not willing to pay too much. 100 points up on my scores, I'm very happy. -Carlos B, San Antonio, TX-

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