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Freiheit Solutions was founded after years of working in the financial business and investment industry. Our business model is into two folds; help individuals who want to get their credit on track with credit repair and restoration and also to help apply for credit cards as needed. We're are also in the business of helping entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with funding opportunities. 



As a results-driven organization, we provide financial freedom by working with people seeking to repair their credit which will enable them qualify for that house, car or apartment by working diligently to repair their credit within a short period of time. Reach out to us for your free credit consultation if you have issues with late payments, judgements, bankruptcy, errors, inquiries, identity theft, foreclosures



We also provide  support to ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs who have the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level. Freiheit Solutions is involved in helping fund innovative businesses and projects. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with you, we lend our full support behind your efforts to move your company forward. For details about our funding process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.


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