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 Freiheit Financial Solutions, formerly Freiheit Solutions was founded in 2015 and is a Texas-based, financial services business   whose aim is to educate and serve individuals   and families in achieving financial freedom by providing unique services, steps,   and education. "Freiheit" is German for   "freedom".  Our goal is to help you achieve financial freedom, one little step at a time.   We offer the various services below, and  we  look forward to serving you in one or many of these areas:



 Every year 6 million people are diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. 70% of those people will not die and more than   half go bankrupt in the process. Switch to a financial solution which ensures your family’s quality of life. Learn more about the   evolution of the living benefits crusade.

 At Freiheit Financial Solutions, our focus is to help you protect your income and use it when you need it. We do so by utilizing   indexed  universal life (IUL), a product that ensures you do not lose money in a downturn and capitalizes on gains when the   market goes up. Additionally. with our indexed annuities products, our clients are guaranteed to receive lifetime income without   annuitization. Our clients have the peace of mind that their money will never be lost even if the market crashes with a downside   protection and up to double digit growth.


 Being debt free is a peace of mind. A piece of mind that allows you to worry less and actually enjoy the things you love. We will   show you how to eliminate your debt in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the time the banks allocated you of your debt free date.

 Our proprietary software analyzes all your debts and living expenses to come up with your debt free date in as early as 5-7 years.   The software is backed by 100% moneyback guarantee and a lifetime access.


Featured on CBS, NBC and FOX!!!

Read the article about an interview with our manager featured on CBS, FOX and CBS on how we are helping people with our services and changing lives in the process.




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